Wave Tribe + Wetsand Jam

Wave Tribe + Wetsand Jam

It was quite a festival, mixing music and surf is a very natural combination, especially around the Wave Tribe Crew.

Sometimes when I look around our offices in Ventura I can’t figure out if we are a surf products company or a music company.

We’ve got instruments in every corner and there always seems to be some melody echoing in the background.

Ashley came on down and participated in the jam, and word has it that she and the VP of Sales at Wave Tribe scored some good waves at little Rincon between sets.

Amanda got on stage, dressed to kill in a beautiful green dress—eco surf products company—nice choice of color darling.

Rory was rocking on the guitar and offered up some great licks.

Wetsand offered a wonderful locale for laying down the festival.

The crowd was thick, nothing like being surrounded by new boards and green product while delivering a musical bonanza.

See you next time.




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