Wave Tribe Adds New Shops

Wave Tribe Adds New Shops

We are so stoked to feel the increasing support and belief we are receiving from shops all around, and it can be seen through the ever increasing number of shops that decide to include us among the products they offer, because they know that we need to be a part of the change we want, so that the perfect wave on pristine waters that we always dream of never disappears.

Welcome to the TRIBE!

Hansen – Encinitas, CA – http://www.hansensurf.com/

Surfy Surfy – Leucadia, CA –http://www.surfysurfy.net

Momentum Surf Co. – 461 W Channel Islands Blv, Port Hueneme, CA 93041 – 805-985-4929

Sundance Beach – Goleta, CA – http://www.sundancebeach.com/

Raw Skin Surf n Sport – Carlsblad, CA – http://rawskin.com/

Surf Country – Goleta, CA – http://www.surfcountry.net/

Aquan Sports – San Jose, CA – http://www.aquansports.com/

Precision Paddleboards – Fort Lauderdale, FL – http://www.precisionpaddleboards.com

And Kona Boys been a long time supporter, and just made a huge reorder. THANKS FRANK!

Kona Boys – Kealakekua, HI – http://www.konaboys.com/

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