Wave Tribe Offers Alaias

Wave Tribe Offers Alaias

Wave Tribe is not only about bringing high quality sustainable surf accessories. It’s isn’t only about getting sick waves (although we love that!).

We are all about the culture, heritage and variety that surfing has to offer.

No other single piece of surfing equipment can embody all of this as well as the ALAIA board.

With it’s origins in ancient Polynesia, the Alaia is making a hard comeback for those thirsty to experience all that a wave has to offer, including legends Rob Machado and Dave Rastovich.

This board will take you down the line faster than a speeding bullet, and expose you to a whole new range of sensations….Just when you thought you knew what it’s like to surf, you have to go back to first grade!

This is why we are proud to offer the all natural, California-made Alaias!

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