Wave Tribe Invents Worlds First Cork Deckpad

Fight Them In Court—nah, I’d rather go on a surf trip.

Several companies have copied Wave Tribe’s original concept—people tell me I should sue the other companies or go after them with a copyright or trademark infringement—but I didn’t create Wave Tribe to throw money at the legal system or to fight with other surf brands.

Wave Tribe Invents World’s First Cork Deckpad

My intention for Wave Tribe was (and still is) to provide our rad customers with some well made surf gear made form ecological materials. I couldn’t find that type of surf gear in 2007 so I started to make it and share it with others.

If you buy a cork deckpad from us or anyone else—just know that the concept started right here in my living-room in Ojai, California, while sipping a bottle of red wine (after an epic surf session in Ventura).

Here is the original story . . . or grab a cork deckpad here.

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