Wave Tribe Expands Family. Local and Down-under.

Wave Tribe Expands Family

We are stoked to present our new family members, all around the Cali, Pacific Coast, East Coast and the rest of the world!
Our homies in Californ-ai-ae:

vanguard sss – south bay – www.vanguard-sss.com
ojai boardshop – ojai, duh – http://ojaiboardshop.blogspot.com
arrow – santa cruz, baby! – www.arrowsurfshop.com
play it again – santa cruz also – http://www.playitagainsports-soquel.com/

Our man Greg and his beautiful shop in Newport, Rhode Island
endless wave – waxbuddy.blogspot.com/

We also were just adopted by some cool cats on the East Coast, we’re gonna be getting more love from Jersey to Florida!
Surf Rep – surfrep.net/

Last but not least, you must have seen our facebook pic with the huge pallet on it’s way to OZ.

Yup, that’s right! Wave Tribe will be available locally to all ossies! Soon to come website: wavetribe.com.au

  1. That’s fantastic! I’m on the east coast NSW and we have some great beaches here. Your brand should find lots of new customers in Oz!

    • Derek Dodds says:

      Thanks Lindy, we have some great new partners on the Sunshine Coast. We’ll also some Wave Tribe goodies at the new Patagonia store in Sydney. Keep tuned for more information and thank you for checking us out and being part of the Wave Tribe journey.


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