Surfing For Change Bali Trash Tubes

Surfing For Change Bali Trash Tubes

Surfing for Change Bali Trash Tubes in this excellent video report by pro surfer Kyle Thiermann.

surfing for changeBali is a little island with a big problem – it’s drowning in trash. In this short film, host & pro-surfer, Kyle Thiermann, shows the good, the bad, and the ugly of Indonesia and what we can do to restore it to the pristine, tropical paradise it once was.

Surfing For Change: Indonesia Trash Tubes is Kyle Thiermann’s seventh film in the Surfing for Change series. The video takes you on a journey through Indonesia, where Thiermann interviews environmental activists about the trash epidemic and scores some beautiful waves along the way.

Curtis Lowe, Project Manager of Project Clean Uluwatu, describes the challenges faced in disposing of trash in Uluwatu, Bali – a world renowned surf spot with 500+ visitors per day – and plans for installing an environmentally friendly liquid waste processing system. Pak Ketut Putra, Director of Conservation International Indonesia, outlines the strategy to his success in ending widespread turtle slaughter in Indonesia and how that applies to the current initiative to clean up Bali.


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