Sup Eco Cork Deck Pads

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Rich & Derek,

 Not sure if you guys remember me, but I built a couple wood SUP boards back in April and you gave me a pretty sweet deal on your Sup Eco Cork Deck Pads.

I am sitting down today to write my promised reviews of the product—I hope you didn’t think I had forgotten. I wanted to get some real use out of them to help write a better, more honest review of the pads—and I’ve loved them!

Sup Eco Cork Deck Pads

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded”]They have been everything I needed, they’ve got great grip, and supporting ECO and brands like yours are always a plus.[/box]

I wanted to thank you again for setting that up—the pads have been awesome.

You’ve got a great product, I tell everyone who listens my story of putting these boards together and the amazing support I got from Solace and Wave Tribe.

It was a pleasuring to have both of you respond to my email back in April, it’s been a pleasuring paddling with your pads, and I hope to keep spreading the word for your brands!

Have a great week & cheers!

–Greg L.

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