Sexy South Swell & Investment Opportunities

South Swell Sweetness

Ok, in case you haven’t heard the South Pacific is on fire and there will be head high (and above) waves waiting for your this weekend.


June is a great time to travel and we got some great guides for you—free from wave Tribe cause that’s how we roll.

Northern Baja :: Cabo, Mexico :: Easter Island

Just to name a few bodacious trips.

And broski, don’t forget to pick up a ridiculously rad hemp board bag for your trip . . . you know you want one!

Need other eco goodies?

We got other travel necessities (fin wallet, racks, ipad case) for your sublime surf sojourner—and check this, they are all made from hemp.

Oh yea, ever ride a Mini Simmons?

Get the eBook and find out the what – why and how of this scrumptious shape.

Download Keel Nation: Mini Simmons Surfboard Design

Investment Opportunities: Join The Family


Got some cash from your Granny just collecting dust?

Did you win the lottery and are you feeling like you want to be part of shifting the surf planet towards some goodness?

Or maybe you been stuck in a day job and haven’t been surfing much and you are starting to think that life is short and you’d like to help build something unique and special.

Today is your lucky day.

Wave Tribe is taking applications for possible partnerships, investment opportunities or _________ (you fill in the blank).

We are looking to take Wave Tribe to the next level and we need your help.

If you are interested in being part of the most awesome surf company on the planet please fill out this quick form.

Don’t be shy, all proposals are considered with honor, respect and confidentiality.

Cool, go and dust off your south swell boards . . . should be sick.

Oh, one more thing—you are awesome!


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