Pens and Hot Chick On Moving Bones


Christian & D

Sometimes I kick myself for coming up with the idea of creating a business manufacturing surfboard bags.

Bags are not easy to move around, big and bulky and they barely fit in most boxes. Getting them into the car isn’t all that easy either, that’s why we attempt to drive the bags to shops when we can saving both gas and money.

Yesterday I drove a car load of Wave Tribe Eco Boardbags to our rocking client in Santa Monica at Poseidon. If you are in the LA area please take a moment to check them out, it really is an eco work of art.

Christian and the crew used reclaimed wood to build the store, and look at this hottie I found rocking their All Bones Bike during my visit.

I also stopped in at Rider Shack (coming soon to the family), Arbor (where we have our full range of bags if you need one), Maui and Sons (Cheryl has a great place right on the boardwalk), ZJ Boarding House and then gave a presentation to the awesome crew at Quiksilver (why do I always want to write QuiCksilver?).

So yea, my next business is going to be ballpoint pens. Easy to ship. easy to use, everyone needs them. So if anyone has an idea for eco surf pens. Give me a ring or I’ll trade you for a warehouse full of hemp bags, and no, you can’t smoke them.

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