Ocean Rebel

tribal and hat pose2What is Ocean Rebel?

Ocean Rebel is an extreme water sport clothing and gear line for individuals who have a passion for the ocean and do whatever they can to see it, be in it or live by it.

Ocean Rebel is unique in many aspects; they are environmentally, humanitarian, and economically conscious company with a goal to provide comfortable, stylish apparel and gear while enhancing the lives of others.

Ocean Rebel donates a large % of profits to a non-profit organization that builds water-wells and sanitation systems at school locations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each one of their products supply clean drinking water to many schools and villages allowing the kids to receive an education rather then searching for water all day.

Ocean Rebel print with only water-based eco ink, this makes our products not only safe for baby ‘rebels’ but also the environment and the oceans.

Ocean Rebel (O.R.) believes in a “work hard play hard” motto. The more you ride, and perform your favorite water sport the more you save and enhance the lives of others. Its a win-win. Support O.R. and make a difference around the world; in the oceans, environment, and human life.

Are you ready to Release the Rebel in You?

Connect with Ocean Rebel:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oceanrebel
Website: www.oceanrebel.net
Instagram: @oceanrebelbrand
Twitter: @OceanRebelBrand

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