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gratitude for wave tribeBenjamin Disraeli said, “I feel a very unusual sensation—if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.”

Old Bennie’s got a good point about being grateful, sometimes it’s not easy. I broke a few ribs surfing down in Mexico last summer and later found out that I caught a nasty virus (from the dirty runoff) in my retinas (I had Mexican indigestion too).

In case you forgot from Biology class, the retina is the layer on the back of the eyeball containing cells that trigger nerve impulses that pass to your brain. This is not a place you want an infection, let me tell you.

Next time you think about surfing that awesome break that has sewage seeping into the lineup or is sitting at the mouth of a dirty river, think twice—my advice after months of (still healing) is, please don’t do it.

Ok, back to gratitude.

Thank you customers.

First and foremost, I want to thank all of our awesome customers that made this year one of our best. I also wanted to thank the interns, assistants and partners for hopping on the eco Wave Tribe wagon and getting us through another year with lots of stoke.

Thank you Europe Tribe.

This year we launched a new European branch (more like a trunk) and opened a new warehouse and sales office. Our euro chief is based in Holland, and along with his distribution partner in the UK, we are starting to make a euro dent on that side of the pond.

Thank you Australia Tribe.

In Australia we are represented by a dynamic duo at Surfing Green that is helping us to create an eco wave down under. Ask Dave at Surfing Green to make you an Alaia, he helped me shape my first one and it came out sick. Now if he could only teach me how to ride that blistering wood bronco.

The surf industry seems to be changing little-by-little but the big Q is do enough people care?

I know you do, because you are reading this post and because you are stoked on Wave Tribe gear. So, if you got any ideas on where the brand should go or how we can get there, please drop me a line—I can always use your advice. You can call me direct anytime at 805-500-4167 or shoot me an email at

I wanted to leave you with this awesome gift that I got from a Kickstarter campaign that I recently helped fund. It is a two-page year planner for next year. Fill it out, make a few goals, and track your progress.

Grab it here:

From everyone here at Wave Tribe, we wish you an awesome holiday season (surf forecast is looking good) and a prosperous New Year.

Hope you are getting some waves!

Derek, Wave Tribe Founder

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