Glass A Wood Surfboard

Glass A Wood Surfboard

Glass A Wood Surfboard is a nice time lapse video showing how to glass the bottom of a wood surfboard.

Grab your own wood surfboard here 

  1. Derek,
    have you ever built a board without glass? is there a way to improve on the internal bracing/frames to compensate for the loss of structure if no glass is used. my concern lies in the difficulty repairing fiberglass and that if somehow moisture is introduced it will be trapped under the glass and cause rot.

    • Derek Dodds says:

      Hey Nate.

      The only board I have ever done without glass is an alaia.

      I would love to ride a board without glass but I haven’t seen it done yet . . . but yea, if you get moisture inside I think it’s bad news.

      I just finished this one here and I am excited to surf it.

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