1. Ethan Elmes says:

    Hi I was wondering if you sent free stickers. I woul lie to get a hold of some!

  2. Kevin says:

    I love surfing and really looking to promote surf companies and I would like to put some on my car and boards

  3. Grace Yunana says:

    I love surfing and would like some stickers to represent your company

  4. Helen Thias says:

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get some free stickers. I would love some to put on my car

  5. Landon Shadinger says:

    I just wanted to say I love your company. I think it would be awesome to have some stickers to show my love even more! If possible, my address is 243 Pinedale Shores Road Jasper, AL 35503. Thanks so much!

  6. Ryan Goff says:

    Hey guys and gals. My name is Ryan. Im 28yrs old. surfer/surf photographer. I wanted to reach out to you because I am going to be a new daddy in October to a little grommet named, Rian.. after her dad πŸ™‚ I wanted to ask if you guys possibly have any extra stickers/decals lying around that you can send my way? I really wanna decorate my baby’s riding toys and scooters and stuff in style. πŸ™‚ I used to live in HB where I could find them everywhere, but ive relocated to be closer to mommy, and am having a hard time finding them. Until I can move my little family back toward the beach, I just want my sweetheart’s radio flyer to be stylin πŸ™‚ she already has a wetsuit and pink sunscreen on the way! Anyway…thanks for your time. If you can float some my way, that’d be super rad, Or point me in the right direction where I can find some, id sure appreciate it πŸ™‚ Stay stoked!

    Ryan Goff
    4361 E. Mission blvd. #94 Montclair, Ca 91763

  7. Bryce street says:

    Hey guys, I just got a new board and a new car! I was wondering if you guys could hook me up with a few stickers. That would be sick!

  8. Cameron Kime says:

    Could you please sponsor me I am trying to become a professional photographer/surfer and am really good for more details call me at 541-254-4599 as soon as possible please I will put some on my moms car and my dad’s jeep I am thirteen and all over my board

  9. Jarrett ernst says:

    Hi guys my names is Jarrett. I have been a fan of your company for a while now and I love your products. I was wondering if you could send me some free stickers or accessories so I could rep them. My address is 418 luxury lane Howell NJ 07731. Thank you!!

    • Hey Jarrett!! Thanks for the stoke!! I’ll get some stickers out to you ASAP!!! Have a rad rest of your summer!! πŸ™‚

  10. Jacksonwolintos says:

    Hi my name is jacksonwolintos I really love your products I have a YouTube channel and I would love to have some of your stickers to review my home address is 32ramblewooddrive Wilmington Delaware 19810 (USA) thank you

  11. kelly yuhas says:

    Hi. I wanted to know if I could get some stickers or promo stuff because I LOVE that I can get all my surf stuff all in one place. My address is

    Kelly Yuhas
    1536 lexington ave. Apt 6E
    New york, ny 10029

    Thank you so much.
    Kelly β˜†

    • Hi Kelly! Sure I’ll get some stickers out to you ASAP!! Have an awesome day! πŸ™‚

  12. Chloe markey says:

    Hi I love your company I was wondering if I could get some free stickers. My birthday is coming up so this whould really be great could I have as many as possible. my address is 8535 high Hampton chase I live in Alpharetta Georgia (30022). Thanks bye

  13. Nikita Krayniy says:

    I love surfing and also like to represent your company and would like to get a sticker so that I can put on my board and car.

  14. Theresa Nuth says:

    I was going theough some new surfing company websites and the weeks later my former english teacher tells me that his friend owns this i think. His name is William Dodge by the way.

  15. joel zarate says:

    Wave tribe number one need sime free sticker for my car. My address is Joel zarate 719 lantana # 124 corpus christi tx 78408

  16. Luke Sloterdyk says:

    Hey guys! My name is Luke Sloterdyk and I’m a huge fan of your company! I was just wondering if you would send me some stickers to advertise your company that would be rad. Thanks and let me know what you think!

  17. brooke says:

    hi i would love to get some free stickers to put on my boards and binders to promote you guys!

  18. Elizabeth johnson says:

    I reall enjoy the idea of surfing seems like
    fun just wish I lived closer to water

  19. Xadiani says:

    Hi I was wondering if I could get some free surf stickers so I could put them on my car!

  20. Raul Rodriguez says:

    Please send me any promotion items that you have stickers anything

    Raul Rodriguez
    5715Gonzales St
    Edinburg Tx 78542

    Thank you for your time and response

  21. Hi. I’m looking for any promo stickers you may have. We are working on a project for a sick child and looking for stickers to decorate his surf themed stuff. If you have any free stickers please send to: Thanks and Godbless

    C. Clark
    7289 Forsum Rd
    San Jose, CA 95138

    • Hey Chuck! Sure I’ll shoot a couple out to you today. Hope he feels better soon!

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