Felipe Siebert Recycle Shaping

Felipe Siebert Recycle Shaping

Roots Time: Recycling a surfboard from Fábio Siebert on Vimeo.

Our friend Felipe is not a shaper in the traditional sense.

He is a craftsman, he builds some of the most beautiful hollow-wood surfboards you’ll ever see (Siebert Surfboards).

He recently grabbed an old beat-up board and refreshed it into a completely cool new board, and the reason why this is even cooler is because he did it with the most basic set-up he could get.

This shows us anyone can do it, so go ahead! Next time you think of just throwing an old board to the landfill, remember this amazing vid and picture the potential you really have in your hands.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as making your own board!

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