Do It Eco Style – Be It Or Go Home


Do It Eco Style – Be It Or Go Home

We all talk about eco, but what does it take to commit.

Like when you are paddling for that wave and just one more stoke would put you in position and launch you over the shoulder .  . . but you stop and pull back.

We have all been there.

I have got a proposal for you:

  • commit to change;
  • commit to recycling;
  • commit to up-cycling;
  • commit to paying a little more.

I know bro, you just don’t have time or the $.

Buy it off the shelf, buy non-organic, get that generic leash on sale.

Buy it at Walmart cause it cost less.

I got one thing to say:

FUCK that.

Look, it either starts with you, or it doesn’t.

Be it.

Whatever that is, but be it!


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