Having lived in Europe for several years, I have got to know her quite well. After I moved back to California over a decade ago I have been back every years since to revisit my old stopping grounds. There is so much good surf, not to mention the cultural experiences you get to have on the old continent. Check out my article on France, the surf there will blow you away.


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Surfing Southern France

A surf trip is an opportunity to see new places and to discover yourself through the expression of who you think you are beyond the borders of your country—it will expand your mind and enrich your life in very meaningful ways so please don’t wait to do it—in this article we will explore surfing southern France.

I have been traveling for over a decade in search of waves and experiences along European coastlines and I can tell you that there is much adventure awaiting you.

Surfing in Southern France was written with the help of a French local surfer with over 30 years of experience surfing in southern France, we asked him to help us create this Surfer’s Guide to Southern France.

And he said yes, trés cool!

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