Biodegradable Surfboard Bag

Biodegradable Surfboard Bag

Biodegradable Surfboard Bag

I wish we could make a surfboard bag that was indestructible, or at least semi-indestructible where a surfer only had to buy one bag every few decades.

I like the idea of those big plastic hardshell travel cases but I hate that they are made from plastic and they sure are a pain to carry around.

I’d like to make a totally biodegradable bag, but I am not sure if people would pay the increased price tag. In our current product we use high grade hemp and recycled pe, it’s a good alternative that builds in both functionality and sustainability.

It’s hard to get exactly what we want and need as surfers, we want to be ecological (well, some of us do at least) but we also need our gear to be functional.

That’s what we are doing at Wave Tribe, melding ecological with functional, it’s a funky dance, join us will ya?

  1. Hi Derek,

    Over here at Planet Green Corporation we have obtained a plastic additive that, when added to plastic at a 1% ratio, causes it to be completely bio-degradable. For the price of a cup of coffee 15,000 bottle caps can be made bio-degradable. No plastic production machines require any alteration for this process.

    Let me know if you’re interested as I think this could be a cost effective solution to a bio-degradable surf bag.

    Sam Dickson

    • Derek Dodds says:

      Hey Sam, that is very interesting. I would like to learn more for sure.

      Please send me some material.



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