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Video: G-Land Diaries

The south coast of Java faces the Indian Ocean, so it is exposed to large swells generated by low pressure systems circling Antarctica, many thousands of kilometers to the south. G-Land is situated on the eastern side of the Bay of Grajagan, so it has a westerly aspect; i.e. at right angles to the predominant […]

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Best Time To Surf Maldives

Oh my, crystal blue waters and no wetsuit. That’s what we all dream of, right? Maldives surfing redefines the concept of luxury surfing vacation where you can experience the warm kiss of the waves washing your body and refreshing your mind and spirit, alike and best time to surf Maldives are April through October. Emblematic of […]

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On The Wings of A Hurricane

We pulled up to 9 Palms on the Southern tip of Baja, the hurricane was spinning just a few hundred miles off shore and the temperature had dropped at least 10 degrees—which was a welcome reprieve from the June heat. As we drove the dirt road out from San Jose I could taste the anticipation, it was […]

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