Ishita Malaviya

Surfing in India

INDIA IS LESS KNOWN FOR SURFING BUT WELL KNOWN FOR YOGA India has over 7500 km (4600 miles) of coastline, including that of the island groups, and this provides many opportune places for surfing. The largest waves are usually seen between May and September, the pre-monsoon and monsoon season. Some of the more well-known spots […]

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Larimar Surfing Championship 2013 announced for Los Patos Beach, Barahona, Dominican Republic

Surfing in The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands offer some of the best surfing in the world. Why plenty of them are packing their boards and heading for the islands of the Caribbean? The search for the perfect wave has taken surfers all around the world. But Caribbean has always been a favorite travel destination for the snowboard surfers from […]

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Gratitude & Stoke

Benjamin Disraeli said, “I feel a very unusual sensation—if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude.” Old Bennie’s got a good point about being grateful, sometimes it’s not easy. I broke a few ribs surfing down in Mexico last summer and later found out that I caught a nasty virus (from the […]

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Gordon Fontaine

Coastal Cruise with Gordon Fontaine

The lineups are packed with miscellaneous surf-craft, and the waves are rarely solid, but by January summer is sorely missed by surfers in the Northern latitudes. This clip follows Gordon Fontaine as he cruises through France and Spain, evoking sweet memories for any surfer who’s taken a European road trip during the sun-soaked season.

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